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Lia Versteege

My path as a visual artist starts with an education in ceramic design at the Vrije Academie Psychopolis in The Hague en goes from there to cutting, grinding and polishing in various types of stone, from soft (marble) to very hard (granite). It is an amazing experience to see how a stone opens itself up to your idea, giving away the form that you see hidden in it and that will help you on your way towards development.


In these very old materials, the route to the history of our origins was found. My work often has to do with the source of existence, life. An enormous subject with a seemingly negligible beginning: atoms, molecules, cells, petrified to metaphors.

kleinplastiek van Lia Versteege

Through the heavier and larger works in stone and other materials I have come back to clay, and to that I have added working in glass. I transform existing glass objects to new shapes, often adding a different material. I call these Re-Shapes. They form a new collection of small spatial works and coins.
Apart from this three-dimensional work I show the origin in small prints. Using monoprint supported by multiple prints in various materials, I try to get as close as possible to the beauty and the colour brilliance of nature. The prints take you into a small dream world.

beeld van Lia Versteege

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